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Oolong Teas

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Oolong Teas

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Oolong Teas

£4.50Sample pack 50g (15-20 cups of tea)

It is said that Oolong tea has the best of both worlds i.e. Black tea and Green tea. This is a semi oxidation process thus having a greater proportion of antioxidants. A lovely aroma and a light greenish yellow cup. Has all the goodness as mentioned above with whole leaf rolled into pellet style end product.

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Oolong is a traditional semi-oxidized tea produced through a process including withering the leaf and oxidation before curling and twisting. The machinery used for the manufacture are different and unique. Most Oolong teas, especially those of fine quality, involve unique tea plant cultivars that are exclusively used for particular varieties  Please use this link for further information on Oolong tea.

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