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Ceylon Tea (Sri Lanka)

Sri Lanka (Ceylon) Tea needs no introduction to the connoisseur Tea drinker. The Tropical Island in the Indian Ocean is blessed with the ideal weather conditions for the production of unique flavour and aroma for which Ceylon Tea is known World over. The tropical climate has given Sri Lanka the privilege of harvesting tea leaf throughout the year. Tea grows in six main regions and over three elevational classifications. Each area is unique and the taste, colour and strength in cup vary. Sri Lanka is the largest producer and exporter of Orthodox leaf teas, but also produces a large quantity of Green tea, CTC Teas, and speciality teas including white teas. We have carefully selected a unique range of teas which will pamper the taste buds of the quality conscious consumer of the past, present and the future generation. Please explore our selection, and savour the flavour of Tropical goodness. The temptation will be irresistible.


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