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Loose leaf was the traditional way tea was brewed for generations… until the tea bag was introduced for simple convenience. However, even now, most experienced tea drinkers appreciate the quality of brewing traditional loose-leaf tea. 

The lush green leaf is carefully harvested from the fields, rolled well and evenly graded in the factory with minimum damage to the structure of the leaf itself.. to produce the best flavour… colour… and strength in your cup. Loose leaf gives you more than just the flexibility of brewing your own tea. It gives you the ability to be creative with your tasting and blending skill to suit your individual palate.

We are importers of only the best varieties of teas, herbs, and spices to name a few. So, take your pick and enjoy…
The availability of empty tea bags gives you an opportunity to be creative with your own blends whilst maintaining convenience. Pure and simple. Just fill up your tea bag… pull at the string to tighten… and use it as any other tea bag.
Loose leaf tea is always the connoisseur’s choice and  Ceylon Tea, a must …

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Black tea, Green tea, Oolongs, Hand made teas and White teas in loose leaf form.

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Standard tea bags and Pyramid Teabags in Bulk Pakckaging and for retail.

herbs and spices


We stock a selection of natural Herbs and Spices from across the world. Available in loose form ready to be blended or used as preferred



We deliver pallet loads to container loads. However, no quantity is too small


We have a selection of exclusive Teaware on offer with the option to custom make.

Featured Product

  • Assam SFTGFOP1 Breakfast loose leaf teas

    Pure Assam Semi-leaf Breakfast...
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    Assam SFTGFOP1 Breakfast loose leaf teas

    Pure Assam Semi-leaf Breakfast tea is a unique blend of SFTGFOP1 100% from Assam estates. Its strong and well balanced with typical Assam character and a good tea to start the day with. Mostly consumed with milk but can be taken straight too. This has been created inhouse by our own tasters to offer to our tea lovers.

    We import all our produce directly and thus offer the customers the freshest possible teas and Spices. As we directly import from the gardens the link in the supply chain are reduced giving the advantage in price and quality freshness to our valued customers.

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  • Organic Moringa (whole leaf tea)

    Moringa oleifera, known popula...
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    Organic Moringa (whole leaf tea)

    Moringa oleifera, known popularly as drumstick tree, is a tropical plant grown for its nutritious leafy greens, flower buds, and mineral-rich green fruit pods. It is a well-recognized member of the Moringaceae family of trees and thought to be originated in the sub-Himalayan forests of the Indian subcontinent. It possesses horseradish-like root and, hence, known to the western world as horseradish tree. Their young, tender seed pods are popular as murunga in Tamil, and malunggay in the Philippines.

    This is a very popular choice especially for its health benefits. This could be brewed like any other leaf tea, used in curry or any other meal you cook and consumed.

    Also available in powder form which could be used like Macha and or in other forms of food and drink.

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  • Premium Earl Grey Blue – Quality Ceylon Black loose leaf Tea

    Premium Earl Grey Blue - Quali...
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    Premium Earl Grey Blue – Quality Ceylon Black loose leaf Tea

    Premium Earl Grey Blue – Quality Ceylon Black loose leaf Tea 

    A Black leaf tea blend created to give the best combination of colour and strength in the cup whilst maintaining the lovely bergamot taste. Its a fantastic tea to have at anytime of the day. We are a wholesale business but no quantity is too small for us. Please do get in touch with us for any clarification or information. All enquiries will be dealt with immediately or just use the chat tab on the site and you’ll have immediate attention.

    We will also do bespoke blends and offer help and advise, so please make use of our expertise. Please try our partnership facility.

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  • Premium Vietnam Oolong loose leaf tea- Thai Nguyen region new season.

    Premium Vietnam Oolong loose l...
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    Premium Vietnam Oolong loose leaf tea- Thai Nguyen region new season.

    Premium Vietnam Oolong loose leaf tea- Thai Nguyen region new season

    The understanding of proper Oolong tea takes time and one needs to experience it yourself. Vietnam has rich soil and the product reflects that too. There are various tea producing districts in Vietnam and this product comes from Lam Dong province situated about 250 KM from Ho Chi Minh city. The factory is at a 900 meters above sea level the tea gardens / out grower fields extend up to 1600 meters. By road is will take you at least 4-5 hours as the roads are narrow. We recon this tea is comparable to any of the Chinese or Taiwan products. The tight roll and the colour of the tea can only be achieved by great care and attention.

    Contact us now for more information and purchase.



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