Mociport Trading Ltd is the extended Marketing arm for a cross section of Tea Gardens in Sri Lanka and Vietnam. Established in 2014, by a senior Tea taster and pioneer in eco agricultural Products in Sri Lanka, to shorten the links of the marketing chain from Tea Garden to Market place. Our ethos is to give the connoisseur Tea lover access to genuine quality Tea, fresh from the plantations direct, keeping in mind the traditional English values for quality and service standards.

We believe in Ethical practices across the supply chain on all the teas we source and go into great detail in the selection of Teas for our catalogues. Our long years in the Tea Industry has given us access to some of the best tea gardens around the world.

Our founder / creator, has been involved in the tea industry for over 40 years and this by itself talks volumes of the experience one gathers during such a period. Initially in the Sri Lanka tea industry where he started and subsequently in other producer countries. Sourcing tea means you need to know your teas and also the best producers. Both of which he has gained with long years of involvement in the industry. He has a wealth of knowledge on the subject and he welcomes passionate people to tap into it. Get in contact for a chat.


We are a wholesale company and offer teas from across the world. We will deliver from pallet loads to container loads as per your requirements. However, NO quantity is too small for us. We cater to all tea lovers (please inquire for details). We have a warehouse facility in Manchester but, most our teas are delivered direct to our customers warehouses. We are proud of our achievements in servicing the wholesale tea industry and the catering industry. Our strength is our honesty, consistency and the vast knowledge acquired in Tea i.e. tasting, blending and creativity. We will offer assistance to those who are looking to start up their own tea business, be it a café, a tea shop or distribution companyat no cost at all. Please contact for details.


Is to ensure genuine quality tea is made accessible to all those passionate about this wonder brew, irrespective of which part of the world it grows and that its ethically sourced through our partners around the Tea industry.


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