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Ginger Honey

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Ginger Honey

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Ginger Honey

£5.00Sample pack 50g (15-20 cups of tea)

Ginger Honey is a popular product. The Ceylon Spicy Ginger and Honey  together with the Black tea creates a wonderful sweet and spicy  combination. The black tea creates the medium for the perfect fusion of these great tastes and give a brew which is rich in taste, aroma and health benefits.

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Ginger Honey, is a traditional combination which has been used from ancient times. Ayurveda medication also uses this in different proportions for various treatments. We have created this as an infusion with black tea as the base and Spicy Ceylon root Ginger and honey. The sweetness of the Honey and the spicy ginger create an ideal fusion together. When used in our blend with black tea its all there in the brew. The medicinal values of all these ingredients are well documented and thus gives you not only gives you an aromatic and lovely taste but also health benefits as well.

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