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Coconut Toffee

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Coconut Toffee

    August 17, 2018  No Comments

Coconut Toffee

£5.00Sample pack 50g (15-20 cups of tea)

Coconut Toffee is a unique infusion and is not commonly available. We have created this combination which tastes fantastic and I am sure it will appear in most other listings soon. Its what we would call for the adventurists.. A Black tea blend with Coconut chips and native Lemongrass. The taste structure is unique and matched perfectly by our team of experts. Aromatic and creamy with a touch of sweetness in the brew. Try it and you’ll love it..



Coconut Toffee is for the adventurist types. A great fusion of natural tastes which will surprise your taste buds. Ceylon natural coconut chips blended with tangy native Lemongrass and black tea  creates this lush aromatic tropical blend with a unique taste. You will get the aroma as soon as you enter the house. A healthy warming up brew..

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