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Traditional Chai Leaf Tea

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Traditional Chai Leaf Tea

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Traditional Chai Leaf Tea

£4.50Sample pack 50g (15-20 cups of tea)

Traditional Chai leaf tea comes with a mix of Natural spices, herbs and Ceylon black leaf tea. Blended by experts to make this a brew which wakes your sensors and gives you a warm feeling. Sit with a cuppa after a meal and absorb the goodness of all the aroma and goodness.

Take it with or without milk and sugar as the preference be. Whichever way you drink it, its greatly refreshing.


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The traditional Chai is a mix of herbs, spices and black tea. We have created the ideal mix with natural Spices and Herbs with Ceylon black tea so you have the benefit of the natural goodness of the Herbs and Spices with the Ceylon character in the same cup. This is an ideal wakeup tea and a brew which will warm you up even before you take a sip. The preparation can be either boiled with tea and milk or just brewed like any other tea.

This is ideal to get the digestive system working and give that spicy aroma around the room.

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